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wrath is menacing by KwitterPwea wrath is menacing :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 2 2 grub floof boi by KwitterPwea grub floof boi :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 2 2 big booby gay by KwitterPwea
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big booby gay :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 1 6
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IshimotoKuaki Death ((Blood Warning)) :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 1 0
IshimotoKuaki || Dangonronpa OC by KwitterPwea IshimotoKuaki || Dangonronpa OC :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 4 0 a tiny friend by KwitterPwea a tiny friend :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 2 0 licci my dicci //nsfw// by KwitterPwea
Mature content
licci my dicci //nsfw// :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 0 0
Kijita Wonoie || ``0h, 1 guess y0ur r1ght.`` by KwitterPwea Kijita Wonoie || ``0h, 1 guess y0ur r1ght.`` :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 1 0 ``How,,, D4RE YOU.`` by KwitterPwea ``How,,, D4RE YOU.`` :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 1 0 its ya bois by KwitterPwea its ya bois :iconkwitterpwea:KwitterPwea 3 2


Dare 1 by BeastOfEuthanasia Dare 1 :iconbeastofeuthanasia:BeastOfEuthanasia 12 4 space Island by Domuttz space Island :icondomuttz:Domuttz 3 1 you were the answer to my dreams by calicocaracal you were the answer to my dreams :iconcalicocaracal:calicocaracal 158 54 LIGHTVENFELL | SANS | DEMON IN ANGEL BODY by Noioo LIGHTVENFELL | SANS | DEMON IN ANGEL BODY :iconnoioo:Noioo 57 8 you too? by Mala-Hierba you too? :iconmala-hierba:Mala-Hierba 31 1 otgw || the beast divider by WH1T3M1RR0R otgw || the beast divider :iconwh1t3m1rr0r:WH1T3M1RR0R 11 0 Cynical Brat by CannibalCricket Cynical Brat :iconcannibalcricket:CannibalCricket 53 10 Yukari Makara (Sprite + Fullbody) by Void-P Yukari Makara (Sprite + Fullbody) :iconvoid-p:Void-P 15 0 Prince of Panache by Bardsona Prince of Panache :iconbardsona:Bardsona 174 16 Ondine Peixes (Sprite + Fullbody) by Void-P Ondine Peixes (Sprite + Fullbody) :iconvoid-p:Void-P 21 17 grub loaf base by Deaderidan grub loaf base :icondeaderidan:Deaderidan 94 23 Maxy poo by tehtimlard Maxy poo :icontehtimlard:tehtimlard 58 9 Luka - SOW Application by Aartcritique Luka - SOW Application :iconaartcritique:Aartcritique 41 13 I Found The Truth Through Fear And Lies by S-ugarPii I Found The Truth Through Fear And Lies :icons-ugarpii:S-ugarPii 14 10 sanstablook....??? by UndeadDoktor sanstablook....??? :iconundeaddoktor:UndeadDoktor 51 30 Sansblook stamp by CamTheWeirdo Sansblook stamp :iconcamtheweirdo:CamTheWeirdo 2 2



wrath is menacing
Vamp has a tiny grimlen demon bf

Wrath stole Vamp's jacket and is >:3ing about it
grub floof boi
Wrathy w/ more demon physical traits

Wrath came from a purebred hatch pod so he's more likely to develop floof on his chest, 1+ eye, horns, gills and lil ears

also I forgot his markings h o w
big booby gay
this is another sona

mature bc of nipple poki
don't want get in trouble

mostly will use her for romantic feelings or,,. Uh,, h e he ehe
David- Support- He mostly looks like a archangel, he has six wings and a halo behind his head, and wears a brown robe.


Team Heal-

Gives everyone maximum HP.

Dying Wind-

Uses this skill once his HP is almost fully depleted, gives one player a chance to play healer.

Angelic Judgement-
((i got this attack from unison league kms))

Summons swords of pure angelic energy, striking down the opponent/enemy.

- Ultimate Skill -

Holy Testament-
Summons angels to help in combat, some attacking enemies and others healing teammates.

``I believe in you!``
Gwen- Mage - Dark Mage
Gwen wears a black sleeping down, her hair always a mess. She's able to use her magic without a source to channel it through a object.


Sleepy Time-
Sends enemies into a deep sleep, sometimes giving them a confusion effect once they wake up.

'What's goin' on?'-
The world goes dark for enemies for a second, critically attacking them, giving them a confusion effect x2.

Mirror Image-
Creates an illusion where multiple versions of her are seen.

- Ultimate Skill -
Extreme Confusion-
Permanently confuses the enemy for the whole round, making them attack themselves or their teammates.

``Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?``

Max- Wizard- Necromancer

Max wears a blue robe with yellow designs. He carries around a book that has a blue gemstone in it.


Dead Man Walking-

Revives himself and allows him to stay in the round for a couple of minutes before dying again.

Dark Mist-

Summons a dark mist that can blind enemies/opponents.

Dark Halo-

Summons a dark halo above the enemy, which leeches hp, giving it to either team mates or himself.

-Ultimate Skill-

Dark Testament-
Summons minions of the dead to attack the opponent, which mostly appear as skeletons and other dark creatures.

``You can't kill something that is already dead. Unless your me.``

Nikki- Swords Woman
Nikki wears a mint-green leotard with iron padding on the chest, elbows and knees. She carries around a longsword that has the burn effect on it.


Blaze of Glory-
Summons a blaze of glory, which burns any opponents but boosts the teams attack and/or defense.

Explosive Rage-
Attacks the enemy in a fit of rage, causing a explosion that damages herself, but kills the enemy.

Aggressive Motivation-
Aggressively encourages her teammates, boosting all of their stats.

- Ultimate Skill -

All teammates near her are suddenly enveloped with pure wrath, killing all enemies in sight.

``C'mon, give it all ya got!``

Neil- Oracle
Neil wears a white robe and mostly has the hoodie covering his face. Like Max, he carries around a book, but the gemstone is yellow.


Gets a vision of the enemies next attack, warning teammates immidantly.

Summons a barrier of light, protecting himself for five minutes.

Pure Light-
Weakens any dark related enemies.

- Ultimate Skill -
Special Blessing-
Blesses all teammates, boosting stats to the maximum and restoring all HP.

``I forsee something.``


Basically Camp Campbell is a school for children who need to learn how to control their powers and improve their skills, some kids unlocking their ultimate skill by training, except for Max, who unlocks it by lashing out on David.


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don't be mean I can't handle the toast

but I can handle the roast please roast my ass


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