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Mature content
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Alphdyne, Ally, Alice or Alph

She's a really happy and determined fish girl

She always tries to fight Bonnie but fails

I might make a comic about the next generation in my idea but mk

Also she's 18
Sans x Muffet fanchild
Either her name is Bonnet, Bonnie or Doll.

She's a huge crybaby that takes stranger danger too far and clings to her mom or dad

Next generation of undertale? Yes please ;^3c
It a goopo!

His name is Gooby or Goopo

He is very squishy and friendly and soft

He needs his glasses to see he blind as a bat rip

He likes dark/rude humor and is sarcastic but only with his buddies

He is very quiet around ppl he don't know
Angel Aura Quartz || RD-Sanctuary App
Hey! I heard that there was a gem sanctuary open so I decided to join! Hopefully I'm not too late ;w;




Angel Aura Quartz


Eye area and left thigh


Her gem covers her eyes so she is blind. Her thigh crystal digs deep into her form so she limps.






W: 111

H: 4'10"


She is capable of floating, but can't float that high.

She also can read people's thoughts, but can't if they think of too many things at once.

-Quiet and doesn't speak that much. When she does, her voice is sweet and soft.

-When she's in the mood to talk a lot, she actually is very humorous and sarcastic.

-If someone is a higher rank than her, she will respect them on the spot. If someone is that same rank as her (follower) she respects them

-She is actually very gullible and will believe anything you say. Until she finds out you lied. She also gets distracted easily.

-She doesn't like fighting people.

-100% Pacifist

BACKSTORY(don't smite me)

Ange was created to be a type of quartz that was specifically modified to be the amazing quartz soldier. She would be big, strong and perfect, just the way the diamonds wanted her to be.

During her creation, something went wrong. A rebel gem found her and messed around with her procession.

The diamonds were eager to see her when she was complete when she was brought to the diamonds, they where horrified.

They decided to keep her, not in the mood to loose anymore gems.

After meeting the dimonds, everyone treated her badly.



"Failed Experiment."

Those where the words that other gems called her.

Finally she was sick and tired of being called names and forced to follow orders.

She ran away and escaped.

A few days passed and she was convinced that they didn't create a search party.

She was sitting around and thinking about what was going down in homeworld, when a paper flew by.

She followed the piece of paper and stepped on it, to prevent it from flying away.

She keeled down and read it.

She was surpised. More gems like her.

She set out to find the sanctuary.

And did.

(CoUGHS I feel like there are so many things wrong I'm crying)

Fun facts!

She has no arms.

She can't really cry, but can express sadness and fear.

I hope this gets accepted.

The blank sheet belongs to
ok guys DA is getting rid of all fake or waste accounts so yeah
If you make a journal bout this then I think they won't delete your acc
Just a warnin


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shove a shotgun up my anus
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

I m a female asexual gal and I like art and memes

don't be mean I can't handle the toast

but I can handle the roast please roast my ass


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KwitterPwea!! there is a conundrum!!
I woke up yesterday   and as I was waking up, I had this vision of black and dark green giraffe
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aha!! this is interesting
and I thought I'd try drawing them and half way through I realized it was your character X THE DEER I SAW, not a giraffe
so now I have this giraffe with an identity crisis and...
should I keep going and credit you would you be alright with that or???  I dunno ahahaha
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